This is a collection of all the softwares we recommend to most businesses.
The go-to for e-commerce websites. is a platform that allows you to spy on your competitor’s products, revenue, Shopify apps used and ads. Our all round most used and favorite tool.
An omnichannel attribution tool that makes it very easy to track marketing analytics and analyse the performance of each channel all in one place.
This is the perfect all-in-one solution for SAAS companies & agencies. It has an insane amount of integrations and systems, replacing many other software in one.
Hyros is a high-level tracking and advertising optimization platform for digital businesses. You can get better tracking and machine learning in Facebook ads. is a website profiling tool that lets you find what technologies a business is using. Great for competitor research.
The most human AI text-to-voice generator. Take the voice of any person and use it to read a written transcript. Perfect for UGC ads.
Find the next winning products by analysing market, competitors and product trends, with very detailed analytics in a very easy to use interface.
Best tool to build any business management system and customize it to your needs. From projects management, to a full invoicing system, you can do it all.
Best flowchart software.
Best tool for creatives.
Tools that can create lifestyle product images for you through AI.
Best Softwares
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